Change of plans

Let’s start with an explanation of the big gap between my February post and now. A LOT has been happening and I’ll be updating all of it here soon. Some of it included seeing some great places and re-visiting old favorites, but most of it involved big professional changes. One of the best parts of this travel adventure has been following where my heart  (and work!) leads.

In that tradition, there has been a big change in my travel plans. The big trip I mentioned in my last post won’t be happening. (insert crying emoji here) But it is for a great reason, the non-profit that I work with and the conference I co-founded was acquired! TechGirlz and WITS are now part of the Creating IT Futures and CompTIA family.  I have accepted a position with CITF as the Events and Marketing Manager for TechGirlz and WITS. With all of the good things that this move means, it also means my traveling days are being put on hold, at least partially. Work will still have me on the road often and I will build in some of my adventure travel into those trips, but I will be based in the Philadelphia area for at least the next year.

Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of Pathfinding in my future, just not quite in the way I had planned. Stay tuned for updates on the trips from February to now and the ones in the future. Happy Pathfinding everyone!

Rouge Tripping is now Path Finding!

In 2017, I started off on a journey. A journey to discover the U.S., the world and, most of all to discover me. I tracked (most) of my journeys over on Rouge Tripping.

A new year, a new journey and a new car (a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder) later, I am off to do some Path Finding. Happy to have you along on the journey.

2019 is starting off in the Northeast (brrrrr!) while I am an Adjunct Professor at Drexel University. Thanks to the cold weather, there won’t be much site-seeing in January, but February is bringing a fun adventure to Disney World to run the Princess Half-Marathon. Then work and adventure travel starts in March with a trip to Washington, D.C.

By the way, check out the awesome new travel planning tool I discovered – Google My Maps. It lets you plot out a trip, including direction lines and the map automatically gets saved to your Google Drive. I plotted out my February trip to Florida and my big trip for the summer  that includes driving old Route 66, side trips to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, then on to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and Marfa, TX. The next few stops are to visit family and maybe a trip up to Camden, Maine to see my cousin’s new B&B. There is something wonderful about being able to plan a trip that schedules in plenty of work hours with site-seeing, photography, friend and family visiting, and discovering the beauty and quirkiness of this great country.

Glad to have you on my journey!

This is what Summer 2019 holds for my Pathfinder and I.

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 4.27.53 PM